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Brand name Maker Product name Country
Arthur Klink Arthur Klink GmbH Large broaching tool, large broaching machine Germany
ATA ATA S.R.L. Vacuum lifter Italy
BUFFOLI Buffoli Transfer S.p.a. Transfer machine Italy
GALDABINI Cesare Galdabini spa Straightening machine Italy
DLS DLS Schmiersysteme GmbH Lubrication system for rack and pinion, ball screw, linear guide, chain drive Germany
EGW Ehinger Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH Rack milling machine, Rack grinding machine Germany
Evard Evard Precision SA Air vise Switzerland
FOX FOX IFS S.r.l. Oil mist filter、dust and hume collector Italy
FRIGGI FRIGGI Cutting Solutions s.r.l. Medium-Large Size Band Sawing Machine Italy
Giussani Giussani S.r.l Test bench, temparature calibration, pressure calibration Italy
Gudel Gudel AG High precision ground rack, pinion Switzerland
HYDMECH HYDMECH Band saw, metal saw Canada
MEP MEP S.p.A. Bandsaw machine, circular saw machine Italy
Minini MININI 2000 s.r.l. Surface grinding machine Italy
NAMBU NAMBU Co., Ltd. Super gun Korea
ORT ITALIA ORT ITALIA s.r.l 2 and 3Rollers Thread Rolling Machine Italy
PCM PCM WILLEN S.A. Tooling for Lathe Machine, Tapping Collets Switzerland
PEMAMO PEMAMO SA Honing Machine, Honing Units Switzerland
REDEX-ANDANTEX REDEX S.A. High performance rack & pinion system, gear box France
REGO REGO-FIX ER collet, BT, HSK holder, ReCool system, MicRun system Switzerland
SAV Spann-Automations-Normteiletechnik GmbH Work holding device Germany
SPD SPD S.p.A. Permanent Electro Magnetic Chucks for milling and grinding Italy
SU-matic SU-matic Ltd. Driven tool, Static tool, Multi-spindle, speed increase, universal, gear milling Switzerland
Tecnogamma TECNOGAMMA S.p.A 3D portal measuring system Italy

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